We are continually expanding our engineering capacity and upgrading our manufacturing facilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse customer base. Our engineering and production personnel work side-by-side and in conjunction with our customers to develop new and improved products.

The Woodings/Munroe team uses the most current technologies to design and manufacture our extensive line of industrial equipment. Our rugged products are designed to provide you with maximum longevity with a minimum of maintenance.

Using the latest 3D-CAD and analysis programs such as INVENTOR and ANSYS, we can quickly and effectively design the equipment you need. We are also adept at reverse engineering to ensure that repair/replacement work is effective, efficient and provides customers with extended product life.

With an excellent technical skill set, experienced craftsmen and pride in a job well done, you can count on Woodings/Munroe to engineer products that will perform dependably and will meet or exceed every code criteria.

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